Play ZoneBefore-and-After-School Care, Vacation Care

We’re very excited to launch our new Play Zone OOSHC website and social media pages!
We’ve had an amazing start to the year at Play Zone OOSHC, with both our before-and-after-school care and vacation care proving very popular, and our Play Zone kids (and staff!) all having a ball.

We thank our Play Zone families for their support so far this year, and hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. Now as we come to the end of Term 2, we want to ensure our communication channels with our Play Zone families (and potential families) match our quality of service.

Our newly-launched website ( will provide all the essential information on our services, philosophy and policies, plusĀ  the latest news.

Our Facebook page will have a mix of news and fun updates, from both Play Zone and the child care/parenting world.

Note that safety of our children is always our highest priority, and all updates on these channels will reflect this.

We hope you will share and enjoy the journey with us! And please feel free to share these pages with other families who may be interested in Play Zone.

Thanks! – Tiona, Marie, MJ and the Play Zone team